Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Sometimes I get trapped by my own rules for a project and have to make decisions on an artwork that don't go with the rest of the pictures. "Night" was one of these. 

I wanted it to fit with the Coloring Book theme I've chosen for this particular body of work, but reversing the black and white produced the more dramatic drawing.

If only I had an art blog where I could discuss these dilemmas and present the alternative art! I really should get one of those.

I waffled over the constellations to use too. I first thought of the Big Dipper, but that seemed some how too simple. Next, I considered Sagittarius, my birth sign, but every picture of the constellation I looked at seemed to use a different group of stars...and I was not going to use "The Teapot." Orion was too obvious.

So I returned to the Big Dipper and, while I looked at photo after photo, it occurred to me that it was the Big Dipper to which I looked in awe as a child, and from there to the Little Dipper and Cassiopeia. What better representation could there be for the night than the stars by which I steered my childhood and youth?

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