Sunday, March 12, 2017

III.XII.XVII. Politics

In my dream, I am in a typical retail break room. It looks like there are monitors against the wall being watched, but they are really boxes containing jewelry of various kinds. I know this, but cannot see the stuff. To one side, the President of the United States is leaning over a table, his hands flat on it's top, his head bowed. He says, "What if the people really wanted a stupid President?"

Then the President is lying on the floor. He is wearing only a suit jacket. He has no legs. He is not injured, just legless. We are talking, having a spirited debate, as if his current condition isn't anything unusual. He says, "Would you have voted for Jimmy Carter?"

I said, "I was raised in a Republican household. It was Nixon and Ford all the way. Mr. Carter will only ever be remembered for one gigantic failure. But he tried to be a hero, and that's what's important. He tried."

It was a busy dream with a lot going on, people moving to and fro in the background, conversations being had, but I don't remember anything after that. 


A note: I'm politically inert -- I work hard to remain that way -- and so I bear the President no ill will. I wonder at some of his choices, like many do, but it is my hope he finds a pathway to success. 

That being said, this dream has lingered into my waking hours as few do and therefore requires to be noted.

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