Friday, March 17, 2017


So I had "Noon" on my list. And how does one draw noon exactly? Well...

III.XVI.XVII. The Bastard

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

III.XV.XVII. Harvest (version 2)

I had the title "The Scythe" on my list and, while Death seemed an obvious choice, I decided to check out what the ancient Egyptians might have had to offer. Well, they had a sickle. So I took some liberties.

You can find the original version of Harvest here.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Sometimes I get trapped by my own rules for a project and have to make decisions on an artwork that don't go with the rest of the pictures. "Night" was one of these. 

I wanted it to fit with the Coloring Book theme I've chosen for this particular body of work, but reversing the black and white produced the more dramatic drawing.

If only I had an art blog where I could discuss these dilemmas and present the alternative art! I really should get one of those.

I waffled over the constellations to use too. I first thought of the Big Dipper, but that seemed some how too simple. Next, I considered Sagittarius, my birth sign, but every picture of the constellation I looked at seemed to use a different group of stars...and I was not going to use "The Teapot." Orion was too obvious.

So I returned to the Big Dipper and, while I looked at photo after photo, it occurred to me that it was the Big Dipper to which I looked in awe as a child, and from there to the Little Dipper and Cassiopeia. What better representation could there be for the night than the stars by which I steered my childhood and youth?

Monday, March 13, 2017


Sunday, March 12, 2017

III.XII.XVII. Politics

In my dream, I am in a typical retail break room. It looks like there are monitors against the wall being watched, but they are really boxes containing jewelry of various kinds. I know this, but cannot see the stuff. To one side, the President of the United States is leaning over a table, his hands flat on it's top, his head bowed. He says, "What if the people really wanted a stupid President?"

Then the President is lying on the floor. He is wearing only a suit jacket. He has no legs. He is not injured, just legless. We are talking, having a spirited debate, as if his current condition isn't anything unusual. He says, "Would you have voted for Jimmy Carter?"

I said, "I was raised in a Republican household. It was Nixon and Ford all the way. Mr. Carter will only ever be remembered for one gigantic failure. But he tried to be a hero, and that's what's important. He tried."

It was a busy dream with a lot going on, people moving to and fro in the background, conversations being had, but I don't remember anything after that. 


A note: I'm politically inert -- I work hard to remain that way -- and so I bear the President no ill will. I wonder at some of his choices, like many do, but it is my hope he finds a pathway to success. 

That being said, this dream has lingered into my waking hours as few do and therefore requires to be noted.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

III.XI.XVII. Divorce

Yup. That's about what it's like.

III.X.XVII. Cerberus

I had "Flamingo" on my list of card names (along with Finch, Parrot, et al.), so I drew a flamingo. But it seemed so very boring. A couple of extra heads solved that problem. To which level of Hell do you suppose this guy guards the gateway?

I added the cattails to give some depth, but a friend of mine insisted it's a chorus line of frogs. I just can't see that.

Can you?

III.IX.XVII. "Five of Swords"

This is an update of an older drawing where I was attempting to make the illustration more Cubist.

I'm still not happy with it. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

III.VIII.XVII. Communication

Basically, this represents everything I've done with my art for the last five years. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

III.VII.XVII. The Zealot

Monday, March 6, 2017

III.VI.XVII. Frailty

I had written "weakness" on my card list, but didn't like how the word itself seemed less powerful than "strength," for which I wanted this illustration to be a counterpart. to the rescue.

III.V.XVII. "Hope anchors the soul"

III.IV.XVII. Release

III.III.XVII.The Factory

There are those crazy mallets again...


This was originally entitled "The Power Button," but I remembered my rule of not having recognizable symbols in my artwork (with only certain exceptions). So I opted for crossed mallets...and was promptly reminded by a friend of the marching hammers from the movie, Pink Floyd The Wall.

Oh, well.

III.I.XVII. The War Machine

There are a bunch of extraterrestrial flavored names on my prospective card list. I realized that I'd never really drawn my take on one of the Martian war machines from H.G. Wells' celebrated The War of the Worlds.

So here it is.

II.XXVIII.XVII. Ancestral Weight

I read a review of a CD and the reviewer referred to the "ancestral weight" of the musician's songs. This image leapt to my mind pretty much whole.

Everyone knows that Kokopelli reminds me of my Dad, so for me the image has it's own "ancestral weight."

II.XXVII.XVII. The Cheshire Beanie

I don't have to explain anything about my drawings. I'm an artist. Besides, trying to explain something like this presumes there's an explanation.

And there's not.