Tuesday, January 31, 2017

I.XIII.XVII. The Spider

The irregular insect was reclaimed from a very old project that was never really completed. I spent a huge amount of time fussing over the crystal in which it was embedded though.

I.XII.XVII. Three of Swords (new version)

This drawing originally started as "The Soldier" and went through a lot of iterations as I tried to work it out. Originally, it was to be a literal representation of a soldier, a Roman Centurion, for which I would again borrow from the suit of Swords I'd created for the Spinoolean Tarot. My friend Steve helped me work through a lot of possibilities which you can review if you'd like after the jump.

This is a motif I will likely visit again as I have other soldier-related cards on my list.

I.XI.XVII. The Lady of Pain

I've achieved a place in life where I'm in pain more frequently than before. I'm not complaining, but it  leads to complications I've not previously experienced. One day, I had to remain home from work and tried to express my discomfort with a drawing.

I pulled inspiration from the suit of Swords for the Spinoolean Tarot project to create this drawing. I like how the Swords are repeated in her headdress and how her garment seems to be like shattered glass or a dartboard.

The image I like, the inspiration for it, not so much.

I.X.XVII. The Artist

When I wrote down "The Artist" in my card list I always knew it would be a self portrait. One day, a friend and I were talking on Skype and I pulled the front of my shirt up over my head, just something silly I do to mug for the camera once in a while. Well, Skype chirped and I was stuck looking at a screen capture of my goofiness. It just happened to be perfect for this card.

After I drew "me," I started to work on the pedestal upon which "I" would be perched. In trying to make it more interesting, I added some horizontal bands to it. It became clear what I had inadvertently created, so I added the remaining embellishments to make "my" throne a Dalek.

I adore happy accidents.

I.IX.XVII. Gravity

I have fond memories of my childhood watching video from the lunar landings. One in particular is embedded in my memory and I was happy -- but not really surprised -- to find the footage on YouTube. 

Dave Scott of Apollo 15 decided to test Galileo's observations about gravity on the moon by dropping a falcon feather and a hammer together to see if they would land at the same time. I don't want to spoil it for you, so go watch

To me this has always been what gravity is about, so my representation of this force could only have been a falcon feather and a hammer.

I.VIII.XVII. Romance

While I love the idea of romance and romantic relationships and all of the wistful and whimsical emotions they conjure, I also sometimes thing of them as beings caught in each others' orbits and trapped. Some days, it just seems like love is best represented by blind serpents in flight.

I'm not bitter.

I.VII.XVII. The Time Machine

Some time ago I had a big brainstorming session for card ideas for the Noo Spinoolean Tarot oracle card project. I made a stream-of-consciousness list of about 275 names from which to draw, one of which was "The Time Machine." 

Instead of something like the magnificent designs for George Pal's film or Simon Wells' horrible remake (the adaptation was terrible, but the production values and design of the movie were beautiful, in particular the titular prop), I wanted the machine to be gigantic with a visible but unexplainable apparatus. 

And lightning. Lots of lightning.

I.VI.XVII. The Harlequin

So, I was running out of time to get an illustration done on this day and so I reviewed a bunch of previously "discarded" pieces and found that together they made a compelling collage.

The Harlequin himself was one of the earliest experiments I tried in creating a human form in Adobe Illustrator. Underneath the costume, he's mostly anatomically complete. Mostly, that is. The globe and apple are from a contest I entered and the safe was built for an unrealized online endeavor.

I have promised myself I will revisit this drawing later on this year with an update.

I.V.XVII. The Visitor

I should mention these illustrations have all been done as coloring book pages. I'm always late to the party on fads, but I figured I could always color them later on if I wanted to.

About this drawing: s/he's an alien.

I.IV.XVII. Gossip

I consider gossip to be one of the most vile things that human beings do to one another. I know I'm guilty of it myself from time to time, to my shame and regret.

The trick was to figure out a way to represent gossip without resorting to something too cartoonish or obvious. The "old hen" stereotype served me here, especially as evidenced in the original version below. But a bunch of chickens is just repetitive, so the bunny served to diversify the drawing as well adding a foil for the gossipmonger who was "all ears."

I.III.XVII. The Pharmacist (aka The Chemist)

Intended as a trump for the Noo Spinoolean Tarot, my "sequel" oracle card project, I wanted to explore some archetypes that were more in tune with our modern world. The jars in the background are from pharmacies I remember as a child. They were decorative and filled with colored water, usually blue and green or green and red combinations. 

In foul weather, the Pharmacist doubles as a mad scientist bent on taking over the world.

I.II.XVII. The Woods

I drew a tree for my Spinoolean Tarot project that I was never quite happy with, so I endeavored to try again. I'm very happy with this result.

I.I.XVII: Wheels & Claws

I've been making a new drawing every day this month, but haven't published them to this blog. Because I'm dumb and lazy, apparently.

Here begins the catch-up for January. I had neglected this blog for so long that I forgot to update it when I started making new illustrations. My project for the year is a new drawing every day. I managed to successfully complete such a project a few years ago writing a new robot poem every day. I ended the year with exactly 400. I suspect the same will be true of this project.

To begin the year, I wanted to draw a robot. So, here it is.

I.XXXI.XVII The Socialite

Above is what I originally had in mind for this illustration, but my ambition sometimes gets the better of me and the arm became a whole new monster (ha ha) as seen below. 

I first built the arm, hand and cigarette holder, then fashioned the rest of the Socialite around it. In my head though, the original vision was only the arm resting on a pedestal. Moderately happy with my monocular monstrosity, I decided to create what I originally had in mind. Surprisingly, it was what I had wanted all along.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

I.XXI.XVII. The Pomegranate (La Granada)

I've been woefully lax in updating this venue, but since I've embarked on a new project, it's time I resumed.

I've always been fascinated by language and when I discovered that the word in Spanish for "pomegranate" and "hand grenade" was the same, I just couldn't resist illustrating it. 

You can see the previous version here; I wasn't happy with the composition or the color palette.