Monday, July 14, 2014

In my dream

In my dream my ex-wife comes to visit, but she doesn't appear until the end. She has brought boxes containing many disassembled mechanical objects, but there is no explanation as to what they are. I begin assembling them while I watch TV. Once or twice, I try to turn off the TV, but there is an errant audio signal that remains for which I cannot find the source. It is dark out when I begin.

Later, because I'm rearranging furniture in my apartment -- not my current dwelling, I might add -- I have to partially disassemble one component, a tricky, complicated assembly that looks like it goes under something else to make it work.

Later still, when my ex-wife appears, she is mysterious. It is clear that she is ill, though she seems very robust. She says that what the device is will become clear and then spreads a large number of golden gear-like ornaments across the table. I'm still mystified of course, but then she produces a small wheel and affixes one of the ornaments as a covering for the hub bolt. It is a golden skull. I remark that I like it, and she says that she knew I would. 

With the introduction of the wheel to the picture, it's now clear that all of these components are part of a baby carriage. The gears are ornaments for the sides and hood. She asks me what I think the pattern should be, so I start o draw a very futuristic looking pram. She says, "That's enough!" at several points, half joking that my drawing is ludicrous, which it in fact is. It's also pink and blue.

I never got so far as drawing the pattern that I envisioned, but I knew it was going to be the Big Dipper and Polaris.


There were also a lot of fragments from last night: a gigantic interior space like a stadium, trying to drive home after what ever event I'd gone there for, going over a waterfall in the car. There were also many more details in the dream about my ex-wife, colors and textures, and furniture. Electronics stacked on a table. Writing on my computer on a desk that faced out the window of my living room. All of it was cast in a bluish, greenish light and felt sterile.

I have no earthly idea what I'm trying to tell myself this time. Any ideas?