Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dragonfly and Horse

In my dream, Dr. House is sitting with a young boy at a child-sized table and chairs. They are drawing pictures. House proclaims his to be a dragonfly, although it bears no resemblance to one -- or to anything, for that matter.

The boy replies, "Well, mine is a horse."

House then tells the boy, "Yours is a horse because a horse is a strong animal. You've also drawn the horse rearing up, so it's strength is apparent to anyone looking at it. Also, and this is important, if you add imagination to strength, the horse can fly. That's why you drew it with wings."

I awakened from the dream with a clear image of the boy's horse picture. House's drawing was just a scribble and -- because he's a pretentious ass -- he christened it with the most unlikely description he could think of.

Clearly, I'm watching far too much House on Netflix.

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