Saturday, November 23, 2013

In My Dream, version 23

I don't make text-only entries to this journal very often, but...

In my dream, I was in a bookstore and I saw an alignment of books and book displays that would have made for an interesting poster. I collected my camera and went back to take the photo, but there were a couple of college-age girls in my way. Undaunted, I raised the camera to take the picture, and one of the girls saw me and posed. Just as I snapped the photo, she moved to greet one of her friends and I wound up with a picture of her in profile and a goofy expression on her face.

She came over to see the picture I took and I showed her. She asked me to join her for drinks. We left the bookstore, which was either a college bookstore or a campus library, and exited from the old, brown-brick building and onto the grounds. 

As we walked down the sidewalk, she began to recite a poem in a march cadence and i began to caper about like a drum major.  In the distance, we could see a friend of ours who was notorious for public outbursts of dancing. It was clear that he couldn't wait to catch us up, but I awakened before he joined us.


In other news, the clouds are sitting on the shoulders of the nearby mountains and the ground is covered with snow. There have been winter storm warnings with forecasts for up to twelve inches of snow. I'm informed that these predictions should be considered dubious at best. Even so, the cloud cover is complete, an extreme rarity in these parts as the sun shines nearly every day.

The two Christmas cacti are in full bloom. A book about Barbra Streisand's home is being read and, but for the furnace blowing warm air from time to time, it is still as the proverbial tomb.

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