Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Last night, this blog crossed over 25,000 views. It's only taken three years. Wouldn't it be cool if I got another 25,000 by next year? According to Google Analytics, 80 unique people will look at this blog in the next month. Tell your friends to visit, please. I'll love you all more than I already do. Besides, it's my birthday in a few days. Sharing my blog with your friends is a great, low-cost gift!

To celebrate, I give you the following bullet list stream of consciousness for your morning. Think of it as Twitter in bulk:

  • Right now, the mountains are pink. The sun is just coming up. It's beautiful.
  • A couple of small rabbits just made their way across the yard. 
  • Yesterday, we watched two buzzards glide on the exceptional winds, barely moving their wings. Then I watched a bunny on a nearby hillock. Then the two buzzards tried to acquire the bunny for breakfast. A moment later, two coyotes visited the hillock. More happens in this place before nine in the morning than in most cities. But for the wind, it happens in total silence.
  • For the entire week so far, the landscape has been enshrouded in thick clouds with intermittent snow and howling winds. This morning, it's clear as crystal and the mountains are freshly whitewashed.
  • I love it when I'm the only one awake in the house. I feel like it's just me and the world. I could live like this forever.
  • With the sky clear, I should be able to get a look at Comet ISON. There's another comet going around the sun right now too. That's interesting, isn't it?
  • My dreams have been vivid, but I'm not remembering as many as I'd like. Last night I dreamt that I was in the midst of aliens and they were all green. Being more informed on events in the universe -- as most aliens are -- I discovered that green is the most common color of intelligent alien life, and the the green guys are fascinated by us non-green guys.
  • My Mom and I just had a brief conversation about climate change. Alas, she is a mouthpiece for Fox News.
Today's takeaways: share my blog and Like my Facebook page because you love me. Follow me on Twitter @Spinoolean because I say things and sometimes they're interesting. 

But mostly, thank you for helping my blog to 25,000 views. You're awesome!


Anonymous said...

I love your description of the scenery and the silence.
And congratulations on the 25,000 readers.
Quite an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

None of those follow-up places are good for me.
I prefer my private email address, which you have.