Sunday, October 27, 2013

Noo Spinoolean Tarot - Ace of Bones

Apparently my artistic drought is over for a little while. I don't remember what I was doing yesterday morning, but the first three cards of a new suit leapt to mind, so I built the first two before my work shift started. Presenting the suit of Bones. (Note: Blogger is screwing mightily with this image. I'll figure out what's going wrong and fix it.)

In other news, I'm reading a biography of Percival Lowell, the 19th Century astronomer who is largely responsible for the promoting the notion that there were canals -- and therefore intelligent life -- on Mars. (If anyone reading this knows where I can find a biography of Giovanni Schiaparelli -- the 19th Century astronomer who invented the notion -- please let me know. I have yet to find one.)

I'm also reading one of his books, The Soul of the Far East. The language is lush, but his ideas are wholly antiquated. I find myself bristling at some of the things he says, but I remind myself that I'm reading to both get a sense of the man and the era. Doesn't stop me grinding my teeth sometimes though.

Also, I don't remember the last time that I read two books at once. It's a little exhilarating and intimidating, especially since one of them is at least a century old.

My story idea continues to build in breadth and momentum. I may have found my life's work. Stay tuned.

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