Saturday, September 21, 2013

"Wave of the Future" & "Lightning Trick"

There's been a dearth of creativity in the Johniverse for the last few months, to which this dust-covered blog will attest. However, things my peers say at work continue to inspire, and I've taken to drawing them on the spot and giving them away. The good ones I redraw at home. These were the good ones.

How the mighty have fallen.

I'm in the process of a slow personal reorganization, the first step of which was to terminate my personal Facebook page. My artist page is still there, of course, so that I have a venue to share my drawings. A serious look at how I use Twitter is next. The upshot is this: these venues are not making me happy. Quite the opposite most of the time. I don't have lifespan that I want to invest in unhappiness anymore.

I think that's progress.

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JoAnn said...

I know exactly what you mean. Social media sucks away creative energy and precious time. I still love my email and the telephone -- how archaic of me.