Monday, September 2, 2013

Three Card Monte

It's been a long time since I've done any drawings by hand, except for the occasional sketch. For the last month I've been on holiday from creating new art (or revamping old art). After drawing hundreds of Tarot and Tarot-like cards in Adobe Illustrator and beginning the process to finalize the Spinoolean Tarot for a stab at publication, I was ready for something else. 

Alas, I have no idea where to go. I have some ideas -- I'm never short on ideas -- but I don't feel particularly jazzed about any of them:
  • Revisiting The Empty Space from an illustration point of view, one illustration per day as dictated by the story. That would be almost three hundred new illustrations, all of which I would do by hand.
  • Continuing the story of The Empty Space. I loathe that it would be thought of as a sequel, but it would. The Apocalypse of Minerva would pick up in real time, 11 years after I stopped writing (note I did not say finished) The Empty Space.
  • Continuing The Empty Space in illustrations. Again, over 300 hand-drawn pictures would be required.
  • Continuing the Noo Tarot. I still have hundreds of cards that have not been realized.
  • Rewriting and illustrating The Looking Spring.
  • Rewriting and illustrating Moonsdance, a short story I wrote about the romance between an Earthman and a Martian.
  • Rewriting, illustrating, and continuing Adventures of Lightspeed Mary.
And so forth. I could spend every waking hour on these projects and not finish them all in my lifetime. And that doesn't include new ideas.

I will note that, in drawing the three pictures I just finished, I feel revved up. I retired (threw away) two used-up pens in their creation. I took the photo above and pushed "post" to Facebook and immediately had an idea for another drawing.

Oddly, I'm not too old for this. Stay tuned.

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Logan Quinn said...

Get some crayons and draw on one of your walls. :o)