Saturday, April 6, 2013


In 1980, what I wanted to do with my life was design record covers. I have an entire binder dedicated to my (fairly juvenile) aspirations. Of all of them, this one has stayed in my head since I first drew it on October 6, 1980. 

This presentation is from memory, so I dug out the old drawing to see how accurate my memory is. I discovered that I had drawn this as a gatefold record sleeve with back and interior designs and place-keepers for band photographs. The imaginary band was Scream -- the album was called "Vocal Chord."

For this presentation, I used Arial bold converted to paths in Adobe Illustrator. I left the album title off and added my Hand sigil as signature. Now that it's out of my head, something new immediately leapt in to replace it.

Please stand by.

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