Saturday, April 20, 2013

Noo Spinoolean Tarot - Seven of Snow Redux Redux

I've done two previous versions of the Seven of Snow and have loathed them both equally (enjoy the schadenfreude here and here). During the other night's round of insomnia, I revisited the card again, this time coughing up a snowman like a hairball. I looked at it, then looked again through one eye, questioned my sanity, and then added a scythe dripping with blood.

Then I gave up and went to bed.

Yesterday, having now been tasked by both my daughter and a friend at work to draw a penguin, I capitulated and did so. I put the penguin on the snowman's head. Then I giggled. To conform to other cards, I removed the snowman's eyes and realized that it was exactly what I wanted.


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Unknown said...

Hey, I was in (your) town this week, but didn't really get to see _anyone_ as my schedule was intense. I'll be back in (probably) August, though, maybe we can get dinner.

Maybe if you stop drawing snowmen, maybe it will stop SNOWING in friggin' APRIL.