Sunday, April 7, 2013

Infinite Prizes

I'm not a gamer of any stripe. I find that I am no match for first-person shooters like Solitaire and Free Cell on most days. But I love to make fun of just about everything, including video games and my friends who are video gamers. I recently joked that the new Playstation console was going to be called the PU and that it was shipping bundled with Lego GTA. I refer to Gears of War as Cogs of Conflict.

When I saw an ad for a new release with the giant headline, "Bioshock Infinite Prizes," I couldn't help sending my friend Kyle a screenshot along with the demand, "I want infinite prizes now!"

Within a few minutes he was at my desk. He snatched a note pad and a pen and quickly etched two lemniscates. "How's that?" he asked. 

Well, it was good enough for this to happen.

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