Sunday, March 10, 2013


In May 2000, I went on a long road trip with my friend Logan. We traveled from Minnesota to Austin, Texas, to Carlsbad, New Mexico, to Gillette, Wyoming, then home in a space of ten days. While driving through the desert near Stockton, Texas, we passed through a broad plain where the only variation were mesas randomly dotting the landscape. It was desolate and beautiful. It was also hot. When we arrived at Carlsbad later in the day, it was 112 degrees.

I took a few photos from the car window, and when I returned home, I dashed off a quick sketch with a Sharpie on parchment (below). Though I chose to put the moon and a star in the sky, in reality we had crossed the desert around noon. Artistic license is a B-word.

Yesternight, I imported the scanned artwork into Illustrator and traced over the original lines. I added color for this presentation as well and I really like how it evokes the memory I have of the place. I also added text in one version to make it commemorative ("Mesa, West Texas, 2000 A.D."), but the jury remains out on whether that was a good idea.

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Logan Quinn said...

I remember that trip and how at exit 0 on the border of Texas and New Mexico and pushing the search button on the radio and watching it go around and around the bands finding no radio signal to lock onto. Literally the middle of nowhere. Don't know where exit would take you, but it was labeled appropriately. :o)