Saturday, February 23, 2013

Poker Tarot - Ace of Diamonds Color Experiment

While I imagine the Star Wars project, continue to invent images and their meanings for the Noo Tarot, and brainstorm on what the face cards for this Tarot-influenced poker deck, I have been trying to work out the color scheme.

My initial idea was to have all of the suits to be in different colors: hearts, red; diamonds, orange; clubs, green; and spades blue. But I may have to change that and just have the traditional -- if slightly altered -- two colors.

Presented here is my color experiment for the Ace of Diamonds. What do you think?


Logan Quinn said...

There are many card games that rely on a 2-color scheme. But that may be because the 2-color scheme was created before those games. A 4-color scheme may stimulate the creation of new games.

John J Gabarron, IV said...

You're right, of course. But there's also a risk in having the deck look like Uno. Well, maybe a little.