Thursday, January 10, 2013

Room with a View

In keeping with the outer space theme, I dredged the archives and came up with this masterpiece. After I was downsized from Musicland in 1996, I did a stint as a temp for Accountemps. One of my first gigs was in the accounting department of a temporary staffing agency for engineers and pilots...yes, there are temp pilots. I was a temp working in the accounting office of a temp service. And I got to see what I was billed at. And it made me angry.

Which might explain why a comet is plowing into the Earth in this drawing I did during some downtime in that office. Microsoft Paint was my first digital artistic toolkit and it was woefully limited, especially in those days. I managed a few minor magnum opuses, including this one, before I moved on to bigger, better, and more expensive tools.

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