Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Planetary Poker - Comet ISON

My charming and beautiful cousin, Laura, made me aware of Comet ISON a few days ago. It was discovered last September by a pair of amateur Russian astronomers. The forecasts of the show to be put on by ISON are amazing: ten times brighter than Venus and brighter even than the Moon! No one knows yet how it will look later this year, but I chose to draw it with an antitail since that effect seems to be fairly common and very showy.

I numbered this card "28" because that is the day in November when ISON will achieve perihelion, being under two million miles from the Sun. It's also my birthday. Hurrah!


Logan Quinn said...

Thought you might like this site: :o)

John Gabarron said...

You thought correctly! It's awesome! Thanks n stuff. :o)

LauraY said...

Nice! I hope it really looks like this when it arrives on your birthday.
Hey do you remember playing Star Trek when we were kids and using a tupperware dish or something as a flying saucer? Why do I remember this?

John Gabarron said...

I remember playing Trek, Lost in Space, and I don't remember what else. We played in the future as kids, now we live in it as grown ups...just not the exact one we imagined.