Sunday, December 30, 2012

Planetary Poker - The Sun

In 2006, I was fixated on playing cards (same as it ever was) and started a suit of planets. I spent a lot of happy hours with the fiddly bits of clouds (you'll see). I got as far as Saturn -- I couldn't figure out how to make Uranus and Neptune without them looking like blue or green versions of Mercury and Venus -- and surrendered.

I'm not sure what I was thinking anyway. What other solar systems was I going to use as inspiration for the other suits? It's not like hundreds of exoplanets had been discovered yet! So, presented without further comment (today anyway), the first of a partially completed suit of playing cards.


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Anonymous said...

Uranus is a featureless light blue and rotates on it's side, Which makes it hard to depict, but it does have rings, so if you drew the rings with their vertical orbit, that would distinguish it from the other's. (

Neptune is a darker blue and has an even darker blue giant spot like Jupiter's(, it also has rings.

Adding the rings would differentiate them from Venus (Mercury looks like the moon with no face)