Monday, August 20, 2012

Spinoolean Tarot - Back & Cover

Above is the card back and below is the logo and box design for the project. "The Hand" sigil turned out to be fortuitous. I'd been thinking about developing an icon to replace my stylized signature on my artwork. When I turned the hand from the aces on its side, it looked to me like a hand showing four fingers extended, and the thumb to the pinkie. This works well for me since I have a Roman numeral four after my name.
I've already begun revising the cards. Some will be easy because they just require some standardization. Others will be harder because, during the process, a new vision for them evolved. The King and Queen of Wands are two that will undergo a rather major transformation.

I've been living with this project now since the first of June and it is the first for which I feel compelled to seek publication. We'll see what happens.

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