Sunday, May 20, 2012

Self & Passion

Along time ago, when I was far more religious than I am today, I drew inspiration from scripture. One of the frequently recurring phrases I encountered was "self and passion."
When I set about updating this illustration, I wanted to keep the original colors, but eliminate the hideous banding created when I colored the drawing with Flair pens. First, I converted the original to black and white in Photoshop and undrew so that all of the shapes were isolated on the background. In Illustrator, I isolated the original colors and used them as fills. You can see the result in the comparison. However, as often happens as part of the process, I wanted to use gradients to add some character to the drawing, so I built custom gradients from the variations in the original coloring.

Then I inverted the background and everything changed.

I tried the drawing four different ways: solid colors and gradients on white, then on black. I found that the solid colors worked best on a white background,  but the gradients worked best on black. The version that most pleased me is the one I've featured. Blissfully, it captures every single change that I made to the original, while the solid colored version most resembles my original vision.

I've never had so much trouble choosing my favorite from amongst the work-in-progress variations. When I revisit this drawing again someday, I expect that my preference will change.

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KATrGEEK said...

I am always impressed with your process. Keep that curious spirit going.