Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Looking Spring - The Causeway

An excerpt from The Looking Spring:

The Glade was an ancient forest, curiously grown into a single great tree. In the past perhaps it was only a dense forest, but now it was a great wall topped hundreds of feet up by green leaves and flowers. The Single Tree stood at the dawn end of the forest and the Bleeding Tree at the sunset, each at the openings of the Causeway, a winding avenue between the walls of the forest that joined the village and the Looking Spring in the forest’s center to the rest of the world.

The original drawing was done with colored Flair pens on discarded, hole-punched typing paper in August 1980. I really like how these drawings (see links for the others) have earned a new life and style by simply converting them in Illustrator to monochrome vectors.

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