Friday, May 18, 2012


There was a meme on LiveJournal in 2008 where participants created a graph based on a favorite song. This was mine.

Name that tune.

Originally a graph created in Excel, I recreated it from scratch in Illustrator for this presentation.

Similarly, in 2005 there was another music related meme to break down lyrics into bullets. Mine turned into a resume (same musical artist as the graph, so that's a hint):

Mister Fahrenheit

Current temperature
·Two hundred degrees

Current status
·Feel alive

·Make a supersonic man outta you
·Make a supersonic woman of you

Qualifications (Skills)
·Shooting star leaping through the skies
·Racing car passing by
·Rocketship on my way to Mars
·Sex machine ready to reload

Volatile Abilities
·Floating around in ecstacy
·Having a good time, having a good time
·On a collision course
·Out of control
·Having a ball
·Burning through the skies
·Trav’ling at the speed of light

Analogous to
·A tiger defying the laws of gravity
·Lady Godiva
·An atom bomb about to oh oh oh oh oh explode

World state
·Turning inside out, yeah

·Don’t stop me now
·Just give me a call (If you wanna have a good time)

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