Friday, May 4, 2012

Before & After

While shopping at Barnes & Noble one day, a friend and I found a copy of Goat: A Memoir by Brad Land. We really liked the cover art and my buddy suggested that it was tattoo worthy, but would rather that it was a bull than a goat. My friends learn that they shouldn't say something like that to me unless they want me to do something about it.

I recreated the cover image (with apologies to JoAnne Metsch, the book's designer) in Adobe Illustrator and then copied it. Only altering the vectors of the original, I created a bull's head. The only additions I made were the nostrils and nose-ring. The original was created in 2006. Yesterday I changed the nostrils from strokes to shapes, scaled the text, and added the background. I also added red eyes, but they looked stupid so I took them back out.

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