Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sisters of Capistrano

I awakened this morning with this vision and was compelled to draw it despite the massive headache I've been fighting all day. Perhaps my agony is prompt punishment?

One of the TV programs that managed to embed itself in my teenage psyche was The Flying Nun. An absurd late 1960s sitcom it was, but I still remember that I watched in after school almost daily, probably while waiting for Star Trek to come on. While the cornettes that the nuns wore in the show was a gentle parody of an actual order, they did not fail to secure themselves in my memory. The cornettes that the nuns wear in my drawing are somewhat more like the Daughters of Charity actually wore, and less like the wings of seagulls of the show.

This drawing was created entirely in Adobe Illustrator in about five hours. It's almost exactly the way I imagined it in my dream.

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