Thursday, April 26, 2012

Saucerbottom, "Catastroph"

I've wanted to design album covers since I was a teenager. Creating the Saucerbottom covers has been a lot of fun for me and, since I also fancy myself a lyricist, I've been thinking about writing the words for the song titles I've come up with.

I created the original of what has become this cover last year. It was a couple of sentences that I converted to a symbol font as a design exercise. I'm not sure why I abandoned the drawing, but when I opened it yesterday I felt it was of the same character as the other two Saucerbottom covers, so I took it in that direction.

The artist name and album title were composed using only the symbols originally included -- with some alterations to accomodate letter forms like the "S," "B," and "M." The photograph was taken by a friend of mine in Duluth, Minnesota around 2000.

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