Thursday, April 19, 2012

Apollo's Temple

So, this turned out better than I expected.

Back in 1991, my friend Karen and I worked for Musicland. She was and still is a breeder of Australian Shepherds and, at the time, was editor of a local club's newsletter. Well, as happens, one of the members' dogs passed away and Karen wanted to publish a memorial. She asked me to draw a frame for an elegy with a place for the dog's name and dates. What I drew was a basic line drawing of a temple or mausoleum. It was published and the whole taken together was suitably respectful and moving.

Originally, the drawing was only black lines with no shading at all so there could be room for text. For this version, I repeated and scaled the pillars of the temple to add depth. I colored the trees, and added repeating arches in the crypt doorway. As the result of a happy accident, I changed all of the black lines to a coppery-brown -- which warmed the drawing considerably.

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