Monday, March 12, 2012

Ptero Poker, Part 4

Everyone goes on and on about the magnificence of bacon, but that's how I feel about toast. I judge restaurants based on their toast!

When I was imagining this project, I'd already accidentally invented three of four of the suits in 2005: as a quick morning drawing, I drew a blackjack (Ace and Jack) -- the Ace of Lunes and the Jack of Tulips, with the Jack emoting a single tear. That left the fourth suit to be invented. So I started thinking of shapes. Bread is a shape.

The original Jack for this suit was very Hoyle-esque so I discarded it and drew the Jack that I subsequently redesigned as the Jack of Tears, since that  better suited his Cyclopean nature. It was more or less a simple trade, since the one-eyed Jack from Tears was modified for Toast.

I include here my first version of the Four. I originally decided that it was too ornate and replaced it with something more geometric. Today I came to my senses and included the first draft.

Having the King turn out to be a baker brought me immense joy, and he and the Queen of Lunes are the only face cards portrayed in their full figures.

I chose the Ace of Toast to be the signatory Ace like the Ace of Spades is in most poker decks, so it bears the name "Ptero" and my pterodactyl logo.

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