Friday, March 9, 2012

Ptero Poker, Part 1

In 2006 I was working on two playing-card projects. The first was a photo-collage Tarot deck using found images from the internet. When that was completed, I started working on my first Ptero Poker deck. But I didn't just want to use the traditional suits so I invented four new ones: Tears, Lunes, Tulips, and Toast.

The Jokers and the card back were the last parts of the project, and I present them here first as a teaser. The Jokers employ the four suit symbols in their construction. In typical tradition, one is full color and the other black-and-white. The card back uses my signature pterodactyl and the new colors for my invented suits, blue and orange.

I've investigated printing the cards, but it has proved to be prohibitive cost-wise. I'm unconvinced that anyone would pay $20 or more for a deck of playing cards, even as an investment in art.

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