Sunday, March 4, 2012


In February 1993, Deb -- one of my coworkers at Musicland -- was having a baby. The child was very active during the last trimester and Deb often referred to the baby as "my little alien." When her daughter Katie was born, I drew this  poster for the hallways at work to announce her birth. Deb was tickled pink (so to speak) and asked for several copies.

However, Musicland's HR department was not amused and insisted that the posters be taken down. Supposedly, they didn't want to alarm the other expectant mothers at the corporate HQ.

The original drawing was photocopied onto pink paper, so I maintained that theme when coloring. I fixed the bonnet in Photoshop (I added one line and took out one line) and removed the original hand drawn typography -- which contained Deb's full name, the date of birth of her daughter, and measurements -- substituting Alien League.

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filmansantiago said...

i really like this alien piece... LOL! imagining what the world would be if they're really exiting. :)