Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Lost Masterpiece


He saw the parchment on the beach and thought of her, but when he picked it up only the mystery remained. Was this the map? Was this the way? He carefully folded the enigmatic clue and walked further along.

In time the sun began to set and again she appeared, a vague vision behind his eyes. A glint of white at the edge of the sea, too constant to be foam, too crisp to be a jellyfish, caught his eye and he ambled toward the water. Stooping to pick it up, he found it was a sand dollar. The doves inside rattled. The five-petaled blossom on it's back was beautiful, but on it's underside a message had been scratched:

"Come to me." It was signed only, "S."

S. was her initial too. Was it from her? Was this a clue? He sat down in the sand as the sun disappeared over the horizon, pondering the events of his walk. 

When the tidal wave washed over him, he went back home. He lit a fire and put on the pot for tea. He carefully placed the parchment and the sand dollar on his table and prayed for an answer...but none came. There was only the roar of the ocean, the glint of the fire, and the aroma of tea.

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