Friday, August 29, 2008


I must be getting old. I didn't realize until after I wrote it that last night's journal meandering was the second in less than a week where I espoused a positive/upbeat outlook. It's clear to me now that I will probably be telling myself that a lot from now on.

My workday yesterday ended on a pretty sour note. I'm not going to belabor it because it's really best forgotten. But like I said, anger is hard for me to release, so I sat last night and told myself (and by extension, you) that being positive is hard and a fragile state for me.

With time, I hope it will become less delicate. It will become more sturdy with repeated encouragement. Maybe some rebar will help. It would really be good for me to get to a place where I cannot be dragged under. Being down I can handle. I'm tired of drowning.

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