Monday, August 25, 2008

Lost and found

Amongst the many bad habits of my middle age is misplacing things.  More properly, I think that I'm putting things away in a logical manner, but the logic is only temporary.  It will suddenly occur to me that I have to have something, and then it can't be found.

And can't be found.

And cannot be found!

When I bought my last computer, I tried to make it as top of the line as I could.  I wanted it to become my art machine.  I bought Photoshop and Illustrator for it.  I bought an expensive tablet for it.  I maxed out the processor and the RAM (for the time).  It cost me an enormous amount of money.

Of course things never turn out the way I want, and I got adept at Illustrator instead of using the tablet.  When I developed a hardware conflict, the bonus RAM card that I paid $300 for had to come out, and later had to be replaced by the manufacturer. And had to come out again.

Then I moved.

In the four years I've been here, I've been unable to locate the RAM card.  I've looked high and low.  I looked in every box of knick-knacks.  I opened every carton that came from the old computer room.  It was nowhere to be found.  So I had resigned myself to simply purchasing a new card.  What's another hundred dollars really?

Last night, I thought that I should check my laptop bag.  The RAM card is for an iMac.  My notebook is a Gateway.  What logic would I have for putting it there, except the card was small and the bag was for a computer?  And yet, there it was!  And much, much smaller than I remember.  But the RAM card was found and so I severed all of the iMac's attachments and peripherals so that I could turn it upside down and install the card.

Of course, it takes a precision phillips screwdriver to remove the protecting plate.  And I have two sets of precision screwdrivers.

But do you think I can find them?

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