Sunday, August 24, 2008

Coming clean

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It was not only gorgeous outside, it was productive inside.  I got a lot accomplished and that makes me feel somewhat better about my so-called life.

I managed to gather together all of the books I've purchased in recent months and allocate them to shelf space.  Many of them are oversized, so finding just the right spot should have been tough.

Some days ago, I relocated my old iMac to the living room to use as a media machine for when I'm doing stuff on the main computer.  The full realization of this project has not yet been achieved, but I did have an open computer desk in the other room...which is now doubling as a bookshelf.  As an aside, books are heavy!

As I've mentioned, flat surfaces become catch-alls in the Johniverse.  No surface is safe.  So my drawing table was full of accumulated junk and so was one of my big chairs.  The desk is now mostly cleared and ready to receive the big-ass book that I want to look at over the next days.  The chair next to my desk is still not fully liberated, but it's identifiable as a chair now.


I just realized that this has become one of those journal entries that is nothing more than a list of my cleaning achievements.  God I hate those.  If this is what my life is going to become, let's not journal it and confirm for the universe that any sense of my real accomplishments is so boring that no one will care.

So let me say this instead:  I'm a lousy housekeeper.  I really am.  It's one of those disciplines that my parents were never able to instill in me. I let things go until I suddenly have no choice but to do something.  

I need a fork and there are none.  

There's no place in the living room to put my bottom while I watch a movie.

There's no more clean underwear.  Okay, this one is never a problem because I ritualistically do my laundry every friday between 2:00 and 3:00.  I hate doing laundry but it still gets done.  Not without resentment though.

Anyway, when I remark that I've done chores, the whole world should cheer.  Seriously.  If I could invent a system where my apartment would clean itself, I would not only implement it, but write a book.  It would allow me to retire for sure.

But then if I had the discipline to write a book, I'd have done that already too.

And that's a topic for another day.

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